Next Summer Art Saves Lives will be taking round a touring exhibition of amazing works of art by artists.

NOT- Art by Offenders!

NOT- Art by Homeless people!

NOT- Art by Mental health patients!

The list goes on doesn’t it? When are curators going to stop marginalizing- labelling and pigeon holing? When are viewers and art lovers going to be able to view art without preconceptions about pasts- histories and present day problems shoved down their throats? The art needs to be viewed and judged fairly- for exactly what it is- ART.

TATE FUCKING MODERN- dean stalham and peter cameron.

Dean Stalham

Artists who are- for whatever reason marginalised work just as hard if not harder than other artists- they need to be treated the same if they are to stand any chance in the art world-

Lucy Edkins

A world that is in two circles- an inner and an outer- there are more people looking in than looking out- the barriers need to come down- we now need to start sharing.

Stuart Milsted

July 3rd/10th 2012 @ The Bristol Zion-



July 23rd/30th 2012 @ The Moston  Miners Club.

FUTURE VISION... Howard Patent and Lou Beckett are part of the co-operative which has tranformed the derelict pub into a gallery

13th JULY/20th 2012 @ The S’able D’or- 249 Muswell Hill Broadway-N10 1DE.

Sable d’Or

Waiting confirmation on Novas Liverpool and PH2 Belfast and West bank London.

A week in each of great art- theatre and music. Free entry to all. Art Saves Lives has an ongoing commitment to making great art accessible to all.

Peter Cameron

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