This year ASL joined forces with the mighty INSIDE FILMS- another company dedicated to giving people from socially excluded backgrounds a chance- an opportunity for them to shine and grow within the media of film. We ran a film making course every Tuesday from 1pm to 5pm for five months in a room kindly donated to us by THE OPEN BOOK PROJECT @ Goldsmiths University. The culmination of this course is a fully produced and edited documentary (that will be realeased in October 2011)- written- directed and produced by the students who took the course- all of the aforementioned are youths with offending behaviour problems.

We intend to extend the success of this pilot course by running two more courses next year- the same duration and time table- every Tuesday 1pm to 5pm for five months- commencing in January- this time the course is open to anyone that feels- for whatever reason- marginalised by society- everyone has a story to tell- everyone has a voice- please join us.

Next year our intention will be for our participants to either; access further education in this field or gain employment within this media. That is our mission.

Art Saves Lives and Inside Films has a passion for films and a fervent determination to help people.

To provide a film education the most marginalised groups in society

To provide participants with a comprehensive experience of the film production process, from devising ideas through to post-production.

To provide a rigorous grounding in audi-visual literacy, so that the participants understand how media representations produce meaning through a culturally formed process of selection and combination.

To allow participants to explore the issues and circumstances associated with their adversity through the creative process of filmmaking.

To offer a positive experience of education to  groups who, according to social research, have had an overwhelmingly negative experience of educational systems and provision.

To foster collective working, decision-making and co-operation and mutual support and encouragement through group work on the projects.

To provide IT, research and organisational skills that are transferable to the employment  market or further education.

To disseminate the films made by the participants in as many ‘windows’ as possible to educate the wider public about the people society socially excludes.

To build links with other educational institutions to encourage participants upon to continue their studies.

Art Saves Lives and Inside Film will also work with disadvantaged people on filmmaking projects to promote a critical engagement with the media and educational opportunities.

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