ASL produces plays- films- art exhibitions and musical events- always aiming to raise awareness to the talent and the passion for the arts that exists within and from the margins of society. We endeavour to employ staff  from diverse and socially excluded groups whenever and wherever possible.

SENTI MENTAL- Union Theatre 2007 (Marianne McIvor and Martin Head)

We recieve no government funding but always find alternative means- we always source the best cast and crew possible ensuring that each production is made the best and the finest that it can be.

GOD DONT LIVE ON A COUNCIL ESTATE 2010 (Dudley Sutton, Jud Charlton and Deerek horsham)

ASL endeavours to exhibit art- to show it at its full potential- to raise confidence levels in our artists when sometimes they are at the lowest points in their lives.

Eve McDougall

Peter cameron

john Clowes

ASL makes films also- trailers for all of our events and plays- we believe that we have been innovative in doing this- showing the way forward.

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