ASL believes that art can be found anywhere- especially within the youth of today- they have their own unique language- their own unique style and their own unique music- Urban rap has energy- is honest and is above all current- We have been working with rappers from the Perryfield Estate in West Hendon over the past year- we have sourced them studio time- video equipment- a portable PA system and opportunities to perform their own compositionsĀ live at some of Londons brightest venues.


Part one Artist

ASL wants to build its own recording studio so that we can take these young people to another level- we have been pledged space in an existing recording studio in Rotherhithe- where we can house our own equipment-

This is where it can all happen- where dreams can come true!

We have a full listĀ of the equipment we need and the costs- we can make these young peoples dreams a reality for a relatively small amount of money- ASL is run entirely on a volunteer basis-

ANY ENQUIRIES please email dean@artsaveslives.co.uk

The winners from our collaboration with Beat Circle Records.

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